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Venice Christmas Parade 2010

Every year just after Thanksgiving it is time for the annual Venice Christmas Parade. As part time Venice residents we have watched this big happening twice, so far. It is fun and a lot of people, many of them visitng from up north. This particular evening was rounded off with a pizza and wine at the local Soda Fountain (also acting as a local pizzeria). This year the parade coincided with Duilia's birthday.



4th of July 2009

This 4th of July Duilia and I went to Annapolis for an early morning breakfast, stroll and photo shoot. The city was almost empty at 7am but was quickly filling up when we left around 10am. We then picked uptwo friends on our way to the Udvar-Hazy museum at Dulles Airport. After that it was the Air and Space museum in DC, a movie. This was followed by a concert and fireworks at the DC Mall. Quite a 4th of July!



Baltimore MD, January 17 2009

On his way to the inauguration in Washington D, the Obama Express stopped in Baltimore on a bitterly cold January day. Despite the weather about 40,000 Baltimorean braved the cold temperatures and cheered for the new President, vice-President and their families. Here are some pictures of the people who attended the festivities.



Asbury Park,NJ and New York City, January 2009

On December 26 2008, the Byröd family from Gothenburg Sweden visited us in Baltimore; that is, Gunnar, Annette, Sanna and Tove. After a New Year in Baltimore we drove up towards New York City. We took the coastal road up New Jersey and stopped over-night in Asbury Park, NJ – a famous music place. The next day we continued up to the Highlands and took the ferry across to Manhattan. The Byröds left for Sweden from Newark on January 5.



Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington DC, November 8 2008

This is not a long travel from where we live, but a nice place and a fantastic museum. Duilia and I go there a few times every year, and every time we discover something new. This time it was Stardust, the NASA comet probe with its aerogel (see the blue stuff in the pictures). About 99.8% of it consists of emptiness. On this visit we had company of Reinaldo from Brazil. He manages and keeps track of geostationary satellites from a control room in Rio de Janeiro.



Camden Yards, May 2007

Early May2007 the STS125 astronauts visited Space Telescope Science Institute. They were asked what else they wanted to do while in Baltimore and, of course, the answer was to see the Baltimore Orioles play baseball at Camden Yards. So we arranged tickets and a night at the ball game.



Cat's Eye Pub, New Years 2006

New Years Eve 2006 was on a Sunday and therefore Dr. Kraemer and his Bluesicians performed at the Cat's Eye Pub at Fell's Point. We met up there and had an early New Years Eve celebration. I brought my (new) Nikon and took some pictures of the show.



New York, September 2006

In September 2006 my mom came to the US to visit Duilia and me. She arrived in New York and we spent a few days there to see the sights. We stayed in the Beekham Towers, a nice hotel close to the UN building on the eastern part of Manhattan. After the Big Apple we went to Baltimore.



Nantucket, October 2005

This is an experimental page I made using pictures from a trip to Nantucket (see also Aviation Photos for some more). The page makes use of roll-over images. So roll the mouse over the small images and, hopefully, it will work...



Outer Banks, September 2003

This trip to the Outer Banks was made by car, as opposed to most subsequent trips, which are made by airplane. This was Labor Day weekend and still summer. A visit to the First Flight Museum was on the agenda - of course.










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