Here are a bunch of slide shows from travels I have done. These are far from complete as I don't always bring a camera (now that's a confession), or I simply don't go into the 'photography mode' and the camera gets a rest.

The picture are a bit on the large side (but shouldn't be too heavy to download). I tend to get greedy with size – I'm a firm believer that pictures should be big. So if you have a large screen, use it.


Video from a trip to Sweden, March, 2016

Here is a video from a recent trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. Filmed with an iPhone 6S, in 4K.


Mulher das Estrelas vai à SúeciaTommy Wiklind.



Xining and Skytrain August 2007

In August 2007 I went to Xining in China to attend a conference. Xining is located in the western part of China and is the gateway to Tibet and the Himalayas. Together with a group of astronomers attending the conference, Duilia and I took the newly constructed Skytrain to Lhasa and spend a few fantastic days there, visiting the Potala Palace and the Jokang Tempel. This first slide show depicts Xining, the trip on the Skytrain, as well as a visit to a Buddist tempel outside Xining.



Lhasa, Tibet, August 2007

This slide show contains picture from the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, the famous Shangri-La of the Himalayas. We stayed in Lhasa for about 4 days and then flew back to Xining in China to attend the conference.



Beijing August 2007

After the conference we stayed a few days in Beijing. This slide show has pictures from the Forbidden City, Tianamen Square and a little from the streets of Beijing, plus some absolutely delicious Chinese snacks (if you don't believe me – just take a look).



Niagra Falls July 2005

This was really an 'aviation trip', but none of the photographs are from the flying part, so I'll stick it here with the 'travel section'. This trip was done with a C182 N9619E from Martin State Airport in Baltimore, to Niagra Falls International airport (yes, it is called that). We stayed on the US side of the falls since Duilia lacked visa for going over on the Canadian side. The falls were impressive, but the town was rather kitchy.



Barbados July 2004

We visited Barbados in July 2004. This was our fourth trip to the Carribean and we're getting more and more hooked on this part of the world. Barbados is different from most of the other Carribean Islands and is offset from the rest by about 150km to the east. There are spectacular beaches, nice hotels and some interesting caves. We also made an aerial sightseeing by renting a small Cessna (with the appropriate registration code: BP-JOY) and an instructor. We flew around the island (which takes about twenty minutes) and landed back at the only airport on the island. Almost got a British Airways 777 on our tail during the landing.


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Aviation Photos

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