Below follows some useful links for the weather part of flight planning. The links are in no particular order but loosely divided into different categories.

Most of these links are from a compilation by Scott Dennstaedt. Scott runs the excellent web site Avwxworkshop where you can find detailed discussions about weather for pilots and how to use various weather forecasting products. I can highly recommend this source for weather know-how essential for pilots.


Aviation weather links in general

Weather Channel


Surface Analysis

Loop 21 hours
Loop 3 days
Storm Prediction Center (overview)
Enhanced SPC overview
Storm Prediction Center Day 1
Storm Prediction Center Day 2
Storm Prediction Center Day 3


Outlook and Forecast Discussions

NWS Outlook
NWS Discussions
Extended Outlook Discussion
Short Range Forecast Discussion
0–7 Days Fronts
Area Forecast
NexRad Image


Stability and instability

Lifted Index Maps
Surface Based CAPE
Most Unstable CAPE
Convective Outlooks


Some imagery

Water Vapor Satellite



NCEP Models
RUC Models
RUC Soundings


South America

Weather Underground
Direccion Meteorologica de Chile
Model Soundings

To use the model soundings for South America, choose the GFS as initial data source, up to 72 hours for the forecast time and then put in the nearest airport identifier (SCCF for Calama, SCEL for Santiago). Hit SIMPLE java plots, or, for a more detailed sounding plot: Java-based plots.

Aviation Weather (GEOS IR images among many other things)
Meteo Centrale
(Forecast weather for 48 hours – images and movies)