Here is my personal home page, as opposed to my work page (link in the left sidebar). Here you will find a few things that I like to do when not doing things related to astronomy.

Among these things are photography, flying and traveling. Quite often all three are combined into one activity. There are, of course other things I like to do, but rarely find time to pursue. For instance, sailing. Well, one day perhaps.

So without much further ado, you're invited to browse around. First a word of warning : These pages are not nice to view with Internet Explorer. Especially not version 6 or earlier. Browsers like Firefox, Safari and Netscape should be fine though.

Some may wonder what the giraffe is doing in this page? Well, nothing really. It's just an experiment for the web page design. The giraffe lives in the Krueger Park in South Africa, or did a few years ago.